About Name : Kristen Jaymes Stewart

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» Kristen
Means - christian
Origin - german
» Jaymes
Means - variant of Jacob 'Supplanter'
Origin - english
» Stewart
Means - steward of the estate or castle
Origin - scottish
Birthstone - April: Diamond
Diamond is the ultimate gemstone, having few weaknesses and many strengths. It is well known that Diamond is the hardest substance found in nature, but few people realize that Diamond is four times harder than the next hardest natural mineral, corundum (sapphire and ruby). But even as hard as it is, it is not impervious. Diamond has four directions of cleavage, meaning that if it receives a sharp blow in one of these directions it will cleave, or split. A skilled diamond setter and/or jeweler will prevent any of these directions from being in a position to be struck while mounted in a jewelry piece.
As a gemstone, Diamond's single flaw (perfect cleavage) is far outdistanced by the sum of its positive qualities. It has a broad color range, high refraction, high dispersion or fire, very low reactivity to chemicals, rarity, and of course, extreme hardness and durability.
Aries: Bloodstone, diamond (birthstone), jasper (planetary stone)
Birth Flower
Aries: Sweet Pea; Blissful, delicate, lasting pleasures, and departure
Astrology: Aries
March 21 to April 19
Element: Fire
Planet: Mars
Stone: Diamond
Flower: Sweet Pea
Attributes: Keen, creative, witty, adaptive, visionary, persuasive, idealistic also impetuous, ambitious, headstrong, easily angered

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